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Since 2005

Xunde Electronics Co.Ltd

Provides high-quality and high-efficiency electronic solutions

for over 10,000 companies from 80+ countries with its products covering

automotives, industry, communication, aerospace, healthcare,

IoT (Internet of Things) etc. fields.

One-Stop Electronics Assembly

More than one decade’s constant progress has led Xunde
Electronics to form its core management philosophy, that is,
“Strive for High Quality”. Focusing on assembly prototype and
mid/low volume electronic manufacturing services, Xunde Electronics
has formed a business style featuring “Instant Quotation, Efficient
Manufacturing, Short Lead Time, High Quality and Low Cost”.More than one decade’s constant
progress has led Due to up-to-date equipment, advanced technologies and a professional customer
service team, Xunde Electronics specializes in one-stop electronic assembly services,
especially a series of processing services with supplied materials ranging
from PCB and components sourcing, PCBA prototype, SMT assembly,
DIP through-hole assembly, soldering to testing etc.


Since its establishment, Xunde Electronics has been focusing on high-precision
electronics solutions for different fields including automotives,
healthcare, industry etc. Plus, electronics custom services have been
implemented and optimized in order to meet demands
catering to different industries and fields.


Xunde Electronics supplies high-level electronic manufacturing services
for automotive OEMs by being deeply aware of requirement on diversity
and high level belonging to automotive industry. To guarantee products
with high quality and high stability, Xunde Electronics conforms
to stringent manufacturing regulations on prototype, testing and
volume production. Up to now, we have been successfully
certificated by ISO9001 and actively applying for TS16949.

For more information about our capabilities in automotives, please contact us


Over ten years has witnessed an active role of Xunde Electronics
in medical industry. Xunde Electronics has been providing all-around
electronic solutions for healthcare while it has accumulated
much manufacturing experience in terms of high-precision medical products concerning
cardiac rhythm management, dialysis and blood management,
point of care diagnosis, and diagnosis image etc. Life and health
issues are so important for humans that medical equipment and devices
allow no inaccuracies or failures. Thus, Xunde Electronics sticks to
rigorous manufacturing regulations and procedures to ensure precise
implementation of products’ functions.

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As one of leading electronics service suppliers around the globe,
Xunde Electronics has been providing custom services at all levels as a
contract manufacturer. In accordance with rigid requirement in terms of
performance and time to market set by OEMs, manufacturing procedures
correspond to ISO9001 and RoHS regulations. One-stop manufacturing service
covering PCB and component sourcing, assembly and test allows OEMs’ concept
and ideas to be converted into products in Xunde Electronics
that is ready to exceed customers’ expectations.

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Up-to-date Equipment

Advanced manufacturing line and up-to-date equipment are
regarded as a lifeline for a manufacturing company. Depending on a workshop
with an area of 1,200m 2 , Xunde Electronics has established SMT manufacturing line,
DIP manufacturing line and box build assembly line under high-efficiency
manufacturing philosophy. Furthermore, Samsung® high-speed mounter and
general purpose mounter have been equipped to meet different mounting
demands. Plus, AOI equipment and X-ray inspection equipment are
also used to ensure products’ high quality.

High-Efficiency Production

Contributing to world electronics manufacturing industry for
more than 10 years, Xunde Electronics has been maintaining a steady
and active development momentum, which derives from its sustainable focus
on quality and high-efficiency manufacturing capability. Xunde Electronics has kept
2 billion components mounting per day (20 hours) and 35,000 components going
through wave soldering per day (12 hours), fully compatible with requirement of assembly
prototype and mid/low volume assembly in terms of time, quality and cost. Moreover,
24-hour prototyping service can be also achieved as expedited service so
that end products are able to enter market at top speed.

Rigorous Quality Control

Quality control can never be ignored by companies striving for sustainable development.
Xunde Electronics carries out rigorous and professional product quality control procedure on
supplied materials inspection, process control and ex factory inspection. Furthermore, companies
or customers can expect FREE DFA inspection service from Xunde Electronics so that
design files are free from failures prior to stepping onto manufacturing line,
which dramatically increases manufacturing efficiency and qualification
rate. By now, the rate of qualified sampling products reaches 96.5%
while customer satisfaction rate over 99%.

High-Precision Assembly

As electronic products develop towards miniaturization and high density,
high precision has gradually become the leading concern and challenge for modern
electronics manufacturing industry. Deeply rooted in market, Xunde Electronics has been
making steady progress in both exploration and creation. Up to now, assembly capabilities
Xunde Electronics has captured include PIP soldering process, POP, WLCSP>0.3mm, SMD 01005/0201,
BGA with minimum pitch of 0.4mm, coating, underfill, and shielding cover assembly
while multiple types of PCBs can be assembled here including single/double-sided
PCBs, multi-layer PCBs, HDI PCBs, flex-rigid PCBs and metal core PCBs etc.

About Us

Founded as early as 2005, Xunde Electronics is an electronics manufacturing service
supplier that grows in China and serves the world. Up to now, we’ve been providing high-quality
one-stop electronics assembly services to companies from 80+ countries. Our business covers PCB prototyping,
SMT assembly, DIP assembly, soldering, testing assembly etc. Major industries we’ve been covering include
automotives, healthcare and industry.

With headquarter set in Hangzhou, Xunde Electronics has been making full use of economic
advantages and corresponding infrastructures in Yangtze River Delta. Our whole floor area reaches up to 2,000m 2
and over 100 staff are being employed. Relying on up-to-date manufacturing equipment, automatic SMT assembly
line and advanced ERP system, we can meet custom manufacturing and assembly demands and maintain high
quality of PCB products and long-lasting production effectiveness. Our product quality management
is implemented under stringent regulations conforming to ISO9001, our PCB fabrication is
certificated by UL and RoHS and applying for TS16949.

From Xunde Electronics, you can expect equivalent high quality and high-level
cost performance no matter what extent of volume or complexity.

Xunde Electronics, Your Products’ Springboard to Market Top.

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Address: 3&4 Floor, Building#1, No. 163, Wuchang Avenue, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City,

Zhejiang Province, China, 310023

Tel: +86-571-87013819, 89730991


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